Trips to do around Malindi


If you visit Kenya you really should do a safari. Spot the wildlife of Kenya and discover the beauty of Tsavo east. An unforgettable experience!

Mida Creek

Visit Midah creek near Watamu.
This is really a hidden treasure, Midah Creek is stretching inland from the sea into Arabuko Sokoke Forest. It is a tidal creek surrounded by extensive mangroves an lined with palms. You can walk on the bridge over the mangroves or hire a boat and sail over the lake.

Marafa or Hell's Kitchen

Located just a few kilometers from Malindi this sandstone canyon like area that results from soil erosion is really a beautiful place to see. Especially at sunset. It is interesting to hear both the scientific geological story and the local story from a guide.

Vasco da Gama Pillar and Museum of Malindi

Did you know the portugese explorer Vasco da Gama visited/discovered Malindi? If you want to know more about this go to the Vasco da Gama Pillar and visit the museum.

Gede Ruins

Just 20 minutes from Malindi you can find Gede Ruins and National Museum. Gede Ruins is a 12th century Swahily village that was mysteriously abandonned 600 years ago. Taking a guided tour through the ruines and the museum will teach you a lot of things about the culture of the swahili people and the during the walk along the nature trail you can see 40 different species of plants.

Camp Gedeng

Only 15 minutes from Malindi you can visit Camp Gedeng near the Sabakiriver. It is a beautiful site for Hippos, flamingo´s and other exotic birds. Did you know they are planting small mangroves to save the Ecosystem?

Ancient Baobab tree near the Sabaki River

Do you want to see the oldest Baobab tree in Malindi? Go to the Sabakiriver (only 10 minutes from Malindi) and visit the big tree. It takes more then 10 people with their arms wide to embrace the tree !

Arabuko Sokoke forest

Have you ever heard of the small five? Everybody knows “the big five” but if you visit the Arabuko Sukoke forest and take a guide they will tell you everything about the small five. So interesting!

Walk to the second reef in Malindi

When the tide is low you can walk yourself to the first and second reef. See red seastars, jellyfish and big shelfs and lots of other beautiful things from the sea. When you go to Casuarina beach in Malindi you can go yourself. Do not forget to take shoes that can be used in water.


Kite surfing at Che Chale

If you want to see the beautiful beach at Che Chale, you must go there.
Sandy white beaches with a possibility to do a course in Kite surfing. Do not miss this!

Boattrips Malindi Marine Park

If you want to see what God created under water, take a boattrip at Marine park in Malindi. The boat takes you to the reef and there is possibility to snorkel and see everything below seawater. Prices depend on which boat you take and with how many people you go.

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Beside the trips mentioned above

  • You can visit the Malindi Market and buy original handycraft from Kenya
  • You can visit the Ndooro Sculpture garden
  • You can plan a trip to Watamu
  • You can visit the butterflyfarm near Gede Ruins
  • You can Visit the Falconry in Malindi and meet a turtle who is more than 100 years old
  • You can visit the Orphanage of Blessed Generation and see if you can help them in anyway
Everything You Need To Now

As you can see there are so many trips to do in and around Malindi. 

If you want to relax plan an organized trip and everything is arranged for you.  Look at the  page advertising and sure you can find what you look for

If you have time to put a little effort in a trip, organize it yourself and you can safe some money